Y2K Click! Problems

By Roy Warner

Originally published in EUG #27

Not quite sure what happened when I moved from Tunbridge Wells to Nottingham. I remember writing to you to notify you of the changed address only to receive the next disk addressed to "T. Wells". I wrote again pointing out the error.

At the time I felt that EUG had quite likely failed but now realise that it is possible that future disks went to the old address or, more likely, the subscription ran out.

Whilst I have spent a lot of time word processing and spread sheeting, not much else has taken place in the way of computing during my first eighteen months of retirement and fourteen months in Nottingham.

Tunbridge Wells is not entirely finalised yet! Someone somewhere lost the policy relating to the mortgage endowment! I hold a letter from the Assurance company informing me that the original was sent to the building society as security for the loan. My solicitor has a letter from the building society advising him that they have no record of the document (Their English, not mine!).

The Assurance company now wants a statutory declaration that effectively says that I lost the policy! However it also declares that I have, or have caused to be, made a thorough search for the piece of paper! Not being satisfied that a thorough search has been made at all, I am threatening ombudsmen all round.

Turning to other things, do any of your contacts have any knowledge of how Slogger's Click will respond to the year 2000?

The calendar on my version will not even pass December 1998. Having tried the calendar write to instructions in section 10.2.2 of the CLICK USER GUIDE, I can only write to the clock.

Whilst Andrew Hilbig was very competent in most respects, documentation was not one of them. Something quite important missing from the instructions is maybe the reason. Alternatively the routine to actually alter the calendar day, date and year may be bugged. Or maybe not even there at all!

And which way, there follows a print of the routine that alters the time in the clock. Perhaps somebody somewhere has successfully expanded it to alter the day, date and year.

       30FOR pass=0TO3STEP3
       40P%=base:[OPT pass
       60LDX#Paras MOD256:LDY#Paras DIV256
      165PRINT"Any key"
Line 50: OSWORD works on a value in the accumulator with the address of a parameter block in X & Y
Puts 15 in the accumulator = write clock
Line 100: The first value in the block to define purpose of the CALL
Puts 8 as first entry in the parameter block
New date only would be EQUB&0F
New date and time would be EQUB HEX24

PS. This sets the time to 3.30 pm (line 110) To change the time alter the digits in the quotes to any twenty four hour clock setting i.e. hours minutes seconds.

Nothing very fancy in my attempt just tried "Fri,09 Aug 199615:30:00" Result: It writes to the parameter block but does not write to the calendar.

PPS. These calls are Master 128 Real time clock CALLs. As described in the NEW ADVANCED USER GUIDE Page 353 19.4

I have not tried writing to the clock then reading it before entering CLICK! (Line 180). I will try that, also going back to the basic Electron without any add-ons other than the Plus 1. *TIME is a Master 128 CALL and it works! All I need to be able to do is spare the time. How did I ever manage to go to work each day too?

Roy Warner

Apologies re: your subscription to EUG. Problem now solved.

Commiserations and sympathies on moving house. I think it's designed to be as difficult as possible to convince us mere mortals that we need expensive professional help. Which we do.

I have recently got myself a Click cartridge and must confess as to being a little disappointed. It seems a bit limited but then I am trying to work with a huge EUG membership and if I was just using it for everyday things it would probably be a lot better. I do like the idea of the "Snapshoot" facility though I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

I have found that my Slogger Plus 1 ROM seems to crash whenever I try to use it with Click in.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #27