Advanced With The Mitac

By Tony Boarer

Originally published in EUG #28

I now have a SuperSync 3A 14" colour monitor that can be set as SVGA or VGA, but I can only use the VGA lesser definition (less pixels) with the 386 MITAC. Also I have fitted an IBM PS/2 compatible keyboard and an Eklipse serial mouse, so that I virtually have a 386 PC. I have now started to use the XtreePro and this indicates the the Hard Disk capacity is 64Mb - enough to keep me amused!

I have just finished a major revision of the layout of my computer system as a whole, using one computer desk and two computer workstations end-to-end with the Mitac and monitor one end of the row and the two Electrons and two BBCs inbetween, with the CUB monitor wall-mounted at the opposite end. All the wiring has to be seen to be believed with all the addons I have fitted as well!

I whizz around the lot with one of those executive swivel chairs on rollers.

Re: Ron Kilroy's recent letter. I have also bought quite a lot of items from Micro's Computer Mart rather than Car Boot sales. Although in the main I have gone for hardware, I have had a lot of software thrown in for free. At present I am going through all the 5.25" disks and extracting what I want to keep and reformatting other disks for future use. So you nearly had me going, Gus, with your 3.5" drive suggestion - but I could have accommodated it. A point with changing the DIP switch setting for linefeed is that if one then uses a word processor ROM, the printing will be at double-spacing. Changing DIP switches on the Panasonic is a fiddle to be avoided if at all possible. Not so bad on later machines with electronic DIP switches. I find that Car Boot sales in this neck of the woods are a bit of a busted flush.

Tony Boarer

I can just imagine you whizzing about your room on a swivel chair. I once bought one of those with the same intention. Unfortunately I bought a cheap one and the wheels became stuck and I went flying. My wife came rushing in and started telling me off for being so stupid while I was lying on the ground with a bruised arm and an even more bruised ego.

You are of course right about changing DIP switches. They are fiddly and the possibility of breaking them does exist. Most printers, as far as I know, will accept software commands to effect any changes in configuration but of course these will need to be entered each time the printer is switch on. I put mine into an executable !BOOT file.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #28