Still Print Probs

By Alan Richardson

Originally published in EUG #29

Many thanks for EUG #27. The One Pass Print routine is working but the skips do not seem to stay in the right place. There must be some line-feeds in the files somewhere instead of form feeds.

I'd like to say thanks to Robert Sprowson for the reference to Grandata. I have written to them but no reply so far.

Has anyone got any feedback for me on connecting Electrons to Z88s and other points I raised in my last letter?

I'd like to say I have been impressed by the service I have received from Baildon Electronics. The PAL or GAL chip in my ADVANCED SIDEWAYS RAM gave up and I did not have a spare. This is the chip that does all then controlling and, as I find it very useful from time to time when I need to load a ROM image, I was rather stuck. Thanks to Baildon, all is working well again.

Printing out the whole of the EUG magazine has made me realise how many bytes Gus has to handle. Or at least his computer.

By the way, Gus. We have plenty of 5.25" double-density disks here in New Zealand!

Alan Richardson

I also contacted Baildon thanks to some help from James Roberts. The gentleman was very interested in our User Group and would welcome telephone enquiries on Advanced Computer Products (or Pres, as they later became) on: 01274 580519.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #29