Have A Heart

By Del Williams

Originally published in EUG #32

I was wondering if any EUG reader could help with a little problem that has arisen as follows:

My brother-in-law is secretary of the local Heart Foundation charity group and I fixed him up with a BBC and View word processor to do the minutes plus all his begging letters, etc. He happily bashed away for a couple of years on the Beeb until a master became available with built-in View, which he has used for a further two years. Both machines were used with the same 40T 5.25" DD.

However, the power supply on the Master recently blew up and was replaced and this has resulted in an inability to read any of his previous disks. The dreaded "Disc fault 18" error is thrown up every time! I have changed DDs, computer and Configuration settings to no avail and only his previously saved files indicate the error. Current savings can be re-loaded, as can anything saved via other setups before and after the power supply change.

Can anyone offer some advice on this problem or, better still, examine the disks with a disk utility perhaps to see if a salvage job is possible. It entails trying to recover mainly View files off three disks.

Any gen/info/assistance would be gratefully appreciated, especially by the local branch of The British Heart Foundation, so that their begging letters can start flowing again.

Del Williams, EUG #32