Opener And Errors

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #35

As the man responsible for the EUG machine code routines used to display and print out text files, can I please stress to all: Do not print combinations of characters (such as Internet addresses) of more than 38 characters without spaces as they lock up the 40 column print routine. The errors happen easily with assembly code and it must be split up using spaces at suitable points.

If you do have problems with any files on earlier disks, load the file into View, add spaces as necessary and then re-save it.

After seeing Dominic Ford's screen, I thought I might rehash mine from EUG #17 (the Christmas issue). I first thought I might change the carols but then remembered the Bells program I experimented with some time ago. The sound is hardly bell-like but the tones of the six bells are rung in the correct sequence for part of the Double Oxford Bob Minor method. The "bells" are rather high pitched, as I found a lower pitch did not sound so clear. I then thought to put a rather simple drawing of a Church in the picture.

Richard Dimond

Richard is a campanologist and probably better than he would care to admit.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #35