Thanks EUG!

By Ron Goad

Originally published in EUG #39

I would like to extend my thanks to EUG for its "Classified Ads" feature which provides members with a truly excellent service, both in buying and selling. Since becoming a member of EUG a little over a year ago, I have enjoyed this facility on several occasions for the purchase of various bits of hardware and software for my BBC Master.

Response from your advertisers has in every instance been extremely prompt, and efficient, and I have been well impressed with the items received. Likewise response to my ads for bits and pieces required received a good response.

As a result of EUG #38, and the interesting ad from fellow member Barbara Phillips, I have now at long last resolved my quest for a fully operational Database program. As yourself and other members will be aware, I have for the past year been searching for such a program, and of those that I have tried, plus those that I attempted to design for myself, all to date have been fraught with problems. Thanks to Barbara: in amongst all the disks and tapes that she had on offer, I spotted the Gemini Database, which I immediately sent for (plus several other interesting programs). Again Barbara was kind enough to send off all the goodies by return or post and, hey presto!, the Gemini Database is a fully operational gem. It is a universal, multifunctional database which not only will do all that I require but a lot more!!! Despite being so comprehensive, it is simple to use, and well documented in the user handbook.

As a result I offer my thanks to both EUG and to Barbara Phillips. Thank you both very much indeed. Many thanks to you Gus for EUG, the excellent little disk magazine worth its weight in gold.

Ron Goad

I'm pleased that you have found what you needed. I have sold a few things myself through EUG and I'm afraid that, unlike most other people, I am very slow. This is a characteristic of mine, I'm afraid. My wife continually complains that I have taken three years to finish her kitchen.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #39