Send It In!

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #40

I was interested in Robert Sprowson's Wordwrap coding in EUG #39 as he has used the same routine that I did in CODE6 and 7. This made me look at my coding again as I had only used space for the routine to check back for, while he uses all below CHR$48.

My coding will check for all characters which are neither letters nor numbers and enables long strings - e.g. m/code - to be printed, provided they contain these characters so that they are split up if necessary. I have found two characters which should not be used - the apostrophe and the slash - as they split words like don't, Robert's and m/code. I have added a routine 'chkchr2' which is descrbed in my article on the coding to check for these. I have also included the "_" character in 'chkchr' so that solid lines may be printed.

I also read with interest, Chadders' suggestions to produce a better and hopefully an error-free magazine and would say that I have already offered my help in this way. Had I checked EUG #36 before it was published, there would have been no problem. I know Gus does not get sufficient submissions to plan even one issue ahead to enable this to be done. May I too encourage you to send in your submissions?

Richard Dimond

As I've said before, and you pointed out, time is the problem. It is now November 7th and this disk was due out at the beginning of October.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #40