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Written By Orlando

Cover Art
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Loading Screen
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Opening Screen
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Game Screenshot


Once the game is loaded, the first screen shows the keyboard controls, and asks you to select 1 or 2 to start - select 1 for one player and 2 for two players.

Move the laser-base across the screen to aim at the Arcadians hovering in convoy over you. Fire laser bullets at them while dodging shell-fire as they dive-bomb towards you. Arcadians in the different rows are worth different amounts and, when killed in mid-flight, are worth double their original number of points.

You start with three laser-bases, but can earn another one if you score 7000 points. You have to clear the screen before going on to the next sheet, where a tougher game awaits you!

Game Controls

CTRL - Left, A - Right, RETURN - Fire
Q - Quiet, S - Sound, ESCAPE - Return to menu


Score for each direct hit:

The top of 30 scores are displayed with the players' names at the end of each game. Your 'Rank' (displayed at the bottom of each screen during the game) shows your current position on this table.