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"A comprehensive (although somewhat daunting) implementation of the Pascal language."
Acorn User


Acornsoft Iso-Pascal is a full implementation of the International Standard version of the Pascal language. Additionally, there are a number of extensions provided in order to make full use of the Acorn Electron's excellent sound and graphics facilities. The complete package has been validated by the British Standards Institution to level 0(B) of ISO 7185.

This pack contains the Pascal language in a ROM Cartridge and two books: a comprehensive reference guide for Acornsoft Iso-Pascal, and the book Pascal from BASIC, which is a complete tutorial course in Pascal for users familiar with BASIC. There is also a reference card and a function key card.

Iso-Pascal compiles to a compact intermediate code and so runs faster than interpreted languages like BASIC. It is very suitable as a language for educational use because of its structured format which encourages good programming practice.

This ROM Cartridge is designed for use with the Electron Plus 1 and is fully compatible with the Plus 3 Disc Expansion Unit.


Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: On ROM Cart
Original Release Date: 1st Dec 1984
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Cover Art

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ISO-Pascal (ROM Cart)
ISO-Pascal (Book)