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Written By Jonathan Griffiths

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Guide the Snapper through the maze eating dots and fruit while trying to escape the creatures from the cave. When you eat a flashing dot, the creatures turn blue and become edible; eat them quickly while you can. Uneaten creatures start to flash just before they are due to change back again.

When you have eaten all the dots, you tackle a new screenful. The game gets progressively harder, and with higher scores as the fruit increase in value.

You start with three Snappers, but can earn another one by scoring 15,000 points. You must survive thirteen screenfuls before catching a glimpse of the ultimate prize - the Acorn, worth 5,000 points!

Game Controls

To control the Snapper's movement, you can use either a joystick (only Plus-1 on the Electron) or the keyboard. Press Fire to start the game if using joystick control; press the SPACE key to start the game if using keyboard control.

Z - Left, X - Right, : - Up, / - Down
S/Q - Sound On/Off, COPY/DELETE - Pause On/Off, ESCAPE - Quit Game