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Released By Alligata (Actual Author Unknown)

Cover Art
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Opening Screen
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Playing Instructions

Features: Time Clock :Sun * Lee Lance the human * Moon * Lee Lance the gargoyle * Energy Level * Secret Passages * Secret Rooms * Flying Harpies * Mysterious Objects * Deadly nasties * Wall Climbing Abilities

Background Information

You are Lee Lance the explorer. Find your way through the many vaults of this cavernous underworld collecting the objects that will lead to the final escape route and the magical golden fence. Beware the flying harpies as they drain your energy level. It can be replenished. How? That's for you to work out.

As the day passes to night your body transforms from human to creature and you take on the mysterious powers of a mutant gargoyle.


A percentage of how far you've gone is shown when your energy runs out.

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, SHIFT - Jump, ESCAPE - Re-run
P/R - Pause/Restart, Q - Start Game
Joystick Compatible