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Written By Gary Partis & R. Brown

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It's early evening in the mysterious orient. The Great Wall of China is badly in need of repair and, to make matters worse, factions opposing the Emperor have just invented gunpowder and have left bombs at various points along the wall. You are Wongo, the bomb disposal expert, and your job is to travel along the wall by pogo stick, defusing the bombs. But you will be under attack from the opposition who hurl arrows and rocks at you, and also the crumbling wall has numerous holes that you will have to negotiate. And if you don't defuse a bomb within the time limit, it will explode!

It's early evening in China. The birds have gone to roost and everyone has gone home - except you! You are Wongo, the bomb disposal expert. It's a busy time for you as factions opposing the Emperor have been planting bombs along that most ancient of monuments - the Great Wall.

It's your job to go and defuse these bombs by travelling along the Great Wall on your official form of transport - a pogo stick! But the Wall is in need of repair, and gaping holes have appeared over the years, some containing deadly creatures. You'll have to get past these to defuse the bombs.

There are twelve bombs to defuse altogether, and if you manage all these you get another twelve that require a higher skill level. Every time you defuse five bombs in succession without losing a life, a 25,000 point bonus is awarded. Plus an extra life is awarded every 20,000 points (but you can have no more than seven lives at any one time). There are three skill levels that can be set during the high score sheet.

Game Controls

A - Left, S - Right, RETURN - Jump
P/O - Pause/Restart, Y/N - Sound On/Off