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Written By Chris Butler

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The objective in Croaker is to get your family of frogs safely across the busy motorway and over a polluted river into each of the lairs set in the embankment. To do this you must dodge between the traffic, then leap from logs to turtles without falling in.

When all five lairs have been filled you move onto a higher phase. The roads become busier, some logs turn into crocodiles, and the turtles sometimes dive, making the whole exercise much trickier. You can jump onto a crocodile's back, but beware his jaws!

Game Controls

N - Left, M - Right, A - Up, Z - Down


Every upward jump: 10 points
Every frog home: 100 points

Bonus points are achieved by getting the frog home as quickly as possible. If the Bonus Table reaches zero, you lose a life.