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Video Classics

Video Classics

Video Classics

"Notwithstanding the futilitity of the one player option, Video Classics is a good gaming experience for two."
Electron User Group

The Game

Many years ago, when home computers had no keyboards, black and white displays and went "Blip!" there was a game. One or two players were known to sit in front of their tellies for hours on end; meals sat uneaten and beds lay unslept in.

Well, now it's 1988 and you can enjoy those days once more, revitalised with new graphics, sound and colour, and a couple of games you've never seen - Four-Bat Blip, and Astrobliperoids...

Game Controls

Player 1: C - Left, V - Right, A - Up, Z - Down
Player 2: < - Left, > - Right, ] - Up, + - Down

Both players use SPACE to fire the ball.

On the title page, numeric keys select the game. TAB toggles between one and two players.

J - Joystick, K - Keyboard




Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: BBC Model B, BBC Model B+, BBC Master 128, Acorn Electron
Release: Professionally released On Cassette
Original Release Date: 1st Feb 1989
Links: Everygamegoing,

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Video Classics (Cassette)
Video Classics (5.25" Disc)
Video Classics (3.5" Disc)