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Written By Ian Collinson

Cover Art
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Opening Screen
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The objective of the game is to complete all sixteen screens in sequence without using passwords. To complete a screen, you must collect all the diamonds on that screen. Some diamonds are available immediately, but most are obtained by pushing two boulders together.

Some boulders have question marks on them. These convert into one of the four mystery objects below. An hourglass increases the time remaining by 50 seconds. Four magic potions give an extra life. A bonus score gives 500 extra points. A key swap reverses two or all of the movement keys. These mystery objects do not have to be collected to complete a screen.

There are also black boulders, which cannot be converted into diamonds, but are obstructive. Keys are pushed into doors to open them, but they must be facing in the correct direction (either left or right). Monsters prowl around some screens. Contact with a monster leads to loss of life. You start with four lives and with 500 seconds to complete each screen.

Each of the sixteen screens has a password, which is displayed at the start of the screen. To start a new game at a screen which has been previously reached, press the P key on the title screen, and enter the password.

Mystery Objects

Hourglass,   Magic Potion,   Bonus Score,   Key Swap

Game Controls

Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down
SHIFT-P - Pause Game, SHIFT-O - Resume Game
ESCAPE - Restart Screen, SHIFT-ESCAPE - Quit Game
SHIFT-Q - Sound Off, SHIFT-W - Sound On