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Written By D. J. Williams & N. G. Davidson

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Opening Screen
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The objective of the game is to find the hourglass on each level and then teleport out. When you do this you will be given the password to the next level. (You can subsequently enter that level directly by pressing the P key and giving the password.) The ultimate objective is to finish all five levels in a row, hence gain the full 100% score and discover the secret message.

To jump, you must press the Squish key, and then let go. How high you jump depends on how much you squish. You can also jump to the left or right, by pressing the Roll Left or Roll Right key as you leave the ground. You can practice moves before commencing play by pressing SHIFT-SPACE.

Your energy level (bar at right of screen) is increased by eating foodstuff by walking on top of it and pressing the Pick Up/Drop Object key. Objects may be used to vanish obstacles blocking your way. Keys open doors, which disappear, but the keys remain; some may open more than one door. You can hold a maximum of two objects (including keys) at any one time. Look out for secret passages, particularly on the later levels.

Some objects, obstacles and characters to look out for as you richochet through the five levels of the game include:

FORTRESS - power drill (then look for the hole in the wall), lead, bunsen burner, alchemist, robber, ghost. (When you have the hourglass, the fire and a 15% score, jump down the deep hole and find the teleport.)
TECHLEV - fruit machine, tax demand, computer disc, stamp, sodium, slug.
DERELICT - flower pot, crystal ball, match, map, maiden, witch, beggar.
THE UFO - cocktail glass, extinguisher, identity card, oil, guard, robot.
ANCIENT - dagger, world, Cyclops, Mercury, Caesar, Atlas, Hermes.

Game Controls

Z - Roll Left, X - Roll Right, * - Roll Up, ? - Roll Down
* - Pick Up/Drop Object, ? - Squish
COPY/DELETE - Pause On/Off, S/Q - Sound/Quiet
SPACE - Start Game, SHIFT-ESCAPE - Lose Life