In Praise Of Alban Hall

By Ron Goad

Originally published in EUG #34

In EUG #33, our good friend Alban Hall, from Lancashire, described his program for the National Lottery, and gave a little of its background history regarding its development. He kindly offered copies of it to EUG readers in return for a little donation to recover the cost of a disk and handling, etc.

I am pleased to say that I took him up on his offer and obtained a copy - No, no, no - I'm not writing to say that it's just won me the magic million quid, not just yet anyway!

But what I am writing to say is that I would certainly recommend others to get hold of a copy from Alban. (Important note - he retains copyright to this product!) Even if it doesn't come up with the "Magic Six", it is a fantastic piece of programming which must be seen to be believed. It deeply researches into the lottery number data in just about every conceivable way. In its prediction of the six winning numbers, it does not use past number patterns or any other combination of data, it simply produces six random numbers, as does the Lottery Ball Machine every Saturday and Wednesday.

On record is every single lottery result from day one, right up to the present, including the Wednesday evening draws. Each week the results can be updated either manually or via your Teletext Adapter if you use one. All in all an excellent piece of work for which Alban deserves much credit and support. Come on fellow readers, contact Alban for your disk; this could be your lucky day!

Ron Goad

Alban is still waiting for the pint that I promised him if I win a million, or the two pints if I win the magic ten million - well, I'm generous, so what?!!!! Seriously though folks, it really is an excellent program and well worth looking at.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #34