Adding My Own Ramblings

By John Crane

Originally published in EUG #35

More ramblings. I read recently, in 8BS #56, that someone called Mark Usher was working on making some form of adaptor to allow BBC computers and similar machines with an RBG TTL colour output to use a VGA-type monitor. This would allow people like myself to use the same monitor for both a RISC OS machine, such as my trusty A3010, and an 8bit one, such as my trusty Elk. Do you remember me waxing lyrical about an ex-Reuters monitor I bought cheaply a while ago? Well, that could be used across both platforms, just needing some fancy leads making up. Anyways, sadly mine blew up one day and I couldn't get any parts for it. I've ended up with a separate monitor for each computer and this takes up rather a lot of space so I await further developments with hopeful anticipation.

I must admit I've always been a bit confused about your use of the term Gus' Editorial. I assumed however that, as you're EUG's editor, then why not? Will Watts used to have TBATF or TBATB (The Bit At The Front or Back, depending on its position in the mag). Anyway, Gus' Rantings sounds good to me. I can't say I've particularly noticed any politics. As I see it, it's just an opportunity for you to air your views. I don't always agree with them, but then that's the whole point, isn't it? To encourage discussion. It's part of what keeps EUG alive.

Anyway I notice my subscription's run out. EUG readers are of "above average intelligence", eh? Well, I best renew my membership. "We intellectual types must stick together. A minority group. We could be persecuted." To misquote some famous comedy or other, which escapes me at the moment. Was it Fawlty Towers? Can anyone remember? Does anyone care? I think perhaps another year's prescription is called for, doctor!!

John Crane

There are some circuits around to do the job of separating the composite sync but as I remember, most use FETs and other nasties. I'll see if I can find one but I can't promise anything. I didn't have the guts to try the modification which came with your late monitor.

I wanted an excuse to change the title of Gus' Editorial for some time. I am not too sure about rantings though so this time I've gone back to calling it editorial.

I do agree with you about the contribution to the variety of EUG made by the various letters and such.

I have been reading the editorials in past EUGs and noticed that some of the comments I made I don't really now agree with 100%. Most of it is not exactly planned, I think about it but when I come to write I usually just let it flow.

I'll say again for the benefit of new readers and those who've forgotton that, provided the law is not broken, nothing will ever be censored in EUG. You send it and, unless you specifically say otherwise, it goes in.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #35