Sir Nathaniel's Saving Game

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #37
Based upon the card game of the same name, Sir Nathaniel's Saving Game pits the player against three opponents in a bid to be the first to collect the five Natwest piggies.

On commencing a new game, the main screen is displayed with the prompt "Play As Player 1/2/3/4". After the 'real' player is selected (one of the keys specified is pressed), there is a short pause then each player in turn is either given money or not according to the 'card' they draw from the 'deck'. The real player must press RETURN to take the card.

As the game continues, each player's savings will increase and a player may 'draw' an object card. When this occurs, all the money that player has accumulated will be spent on that object (Beach balls can be expensive these days!) and the player must begin to save again from zero.

The aim of the game is to collect the five piggies of the Natwest bank. The baby of the family, Woody, is given to each player free of charge but the other piggies are obtained only when a player either saves or exceeds the amount of money to claim that piggy. The piggies' names and the amounts needed for each are:-

Annabel £25
Maxwell £50
Lady Hilary £75
Sir Nathaniel£100

Whenever any new piggy is claimed, the player's saved money reverts to zero.

As soon as any player claims Sir Nathaniel, they have won the current game and if the winning player is an opponent, the 'real' player is commiserated. If the 'real' player has chosen to 'play as' the winning player, a congratulatory message will appear. Pressing SPACE begins a new game. Pressing ESCAPE reports how many games have been played and how many the 'real' player has won. On the EUG version of the game you are then returned to the EUG menu.

Dave E, EUG #37