Et Tu Readers?

By Chris Dewhurst

Originally published in EUG #55

Dear Dave E, Friends, Romans - Beebsters and Elksters!

Here's to the future of EUG. Take note, everyone who hasn't contributed! I fully sympathise with the Editor's moanings about lack of submissions. Don't worry about EUG going bi-monthly again, though: I think it's better that way. I enjoy writing for EUG because it's an excuse to keep up my programming skills and, what's more, it's creative. Too many people nowadays don't make enough of their own entertainment, and then grumble when they haven't got anything to do.

My main reason for saying this is that I won't have a great deal of time for EUG this year - though I'll always have some - because I am doing my finals: BSc (hopefully) in Geology & Electronic Music. You may be interested to know that I am using digitized Mode 0 photos as part of my geology project. I used something called 'iPhoto' on a PC to scan in photos, then converted them to 1-bit black and white and saved them as .TIF files. Finally I used ChangeFSI on my Arc to get the finished Mode 0 picture. They take up less memory, they take less time to load in compared to full-colour images, they are clearer, they reproduce better, and they are easier on the eyes. This latter point is made because I find that the more colours there are, the harder it is to look at the screen for any length of time. OK, you have to get used to looking at digitized photos, as opposed to scanned photos, but it's less time-consuming.

Now a plea for help. Can anyone give me a fool's guide (yes, even I need one) to Sideways Ram? I thought that you *SRLOADed a ROM image with necessary parameters, pressed Ctrl-Break, and then you were able to use the new * commands. I tried this without success on our BBC Master at home and, after hearing stories of Masters with missing SRAM, ignored it for a few years. Until I came by my A3010, that is, and started using the !65Host emulator which is definately supposed to have SRAM (it says so in the manual). But I still can't get any sideways Roms to work. The programs I'm trying are all official, such as Mr Toad's from Beebug.

Chris Dewhurst
EUG #55