Re: Slow Emulation Problems

By John Crane

Originally published in EUG #58

I have written to Christopher Dewhurst separately, in some depth, regarding his Beeb emulation with an A3010. I don't want to get too bogged down here at EUG with non 8 bit stuff so thought I'd give a condensed version. If anyone wishes to contact me direct, please do so.

Firstly my experiences are very similar in loading SWR ROM images: very few of them actually work. I guess it's because they try to access the hardware in some way, but I could be wrong.

!6502em works better on an A3010 if it is a newer version rather than an older version, but it's still very slow. This is largely due to the non-upgradeable ARM250 chip. It should be possible to upgrade an A3000 to ARM 3, which should offer a performance improvement.

As WSS say it runs okay on an A3010, but that largely depends on how you define okay. !6502Em works brilliantly on newer RISC machines like the RISC PC, but I still prefer !65Host and, despite what people say, !65Host can be persuaded to work on an SA RISC PC. I use it for running EUG disks and such like with very few problems.

John Crane