"As good as it no doubt is, anyone who has already bought the original Advanced User Guide would be well advised to look long and hard at this one before buying."
Electron User

The New Advanced User Guide


The New Advanced User Guide is the totally revised and updated version of the original best-selling BBC Advanced User Guide by the same authors. In the four years since that book was first published, a lot has happened in the world of Acorn Computers, including the introduction of many new BBC Micro-compatible machines. Based around the original hardware and software of the BBC Model B, the new computers have many significant enhancements and changes. This new guide has therefore been developed to cover all the computers in the series from the original Mode B through the B Plus, Electron and Master 128 to the Master Compact.

The authors have condensed vast amounts of information into these pages covering all aspects of the Acorn-BBC computer range, including many previously unpublished details about the new systems' hardware and software. All the computers are considered in detail through the book with salient differences being carefully noted and explained. Readers of the original Advanced User Guide will notice that the New Guide has been re-organised on a functional basis, making reference to particular topics much easier.

For owners of Master series computers, this advanced guide covers many areas omitted from Acorn's Master Reference Manuals part 1 and part 2, especially interface details, programming techniques, and examples.

For owners of earlier machines there is a lot of relevant new information about the Tube and many more detailed examples covering topics like paged ROMs.

First Sentence

There comes a time in every programmer's life (well, most programmers' anyway) when the constraints of a high level language (e.g. BASIC) prevents him or her from implementing a particular program idea or from utilising some machine facility.