Elk Entertainment 05

By Christian Weber

Originally published in EUG #07


What have I got in store for you this issue? Well, there's the start of the Last Ninja 2 solution, the start of the Elixir solution, a rather interesting cheat from R. Palmer, two reviews and a competition! Lots to keep you busy!

Last Ninja 2, Superior/Acornsoft

Level 1 - Central Park
To drop down the skylight you must find the switch (which should pose no problems) and then punch it. Return to the screen with the skylight and you will find that it is now open. Collect the red key and make your way out into the park. To open the park gates hold the red key and walk up to them, but don't go through them yet as there are still items to collect. Get the shuriken, passcard and pick-axe. Don't forget to collect a hamburger for an extra life!

Make your way back to the park gates and walk through them. Avoid the swarm of bees and jump over the lava to finish the level.

Level 2 - The Street
This is a lightly confusing level due to its layout but I'm sure you will learn your own way round to collect the objects. To get the sword, go to the weapons shop. Go to the drug store to find the drunk and take the bottle from him. Collect the nunchuka and another hamburger for a further extra life. To end the level, collect the crowbar ('T'-shaped object) and make your way to the purple screen. Beat up the man and hold the crowbar as you walk over the sewer cover.

Level 3 - The Sewers
Collect the shuriken and the large red key. Use the latter to open the grate which you must then walk over. Of the first set of two doors you come to, take the one furthest from yourself. At the next set of doors take the furthest one again. The next two doors are dead ends so ignore them. To get to the crocodile you must take the nearest of the next set of doors. To kill the Croc (and end the level), hold the bottle and light it on the torch on the screen before the Croc. This will make a petrol bomb. Go back to the Croc and throw petrol bombs at it (same as throwing Shuriken). Once dead, hold the large red key and jump over the Croc's body and walk through the door. Levels 4 to 6 next issue!

Elixir Part 1, Superior/Acornsoft

From the starting room, fall off the platform that you are on. From the platform that you land on, travel right and get the pill from this room, then go left, and on the platform that you were on before, go left until you reach the end. Now jump off and you will go into the next screen and land on a medicine bottle. Collect the pill from this room. Fall onto the tub right next to the tub that you landed on and go right so that you can get the pill out of this room. Get the antidote if you want. Now make your way back up to the starting screen.

Go left from the starting screen and jump over all the medicine bottles so that you can reach the thread. Get the thread and the pill from this room. Now go left and get the pill from this room also. Go left again and get yet another pill from this room. Go down the thread. To get the pin you must jump off the platform that you land on (you must go to the edge) and catch the rope that is dangling above the pin. Fall off this and get the pin, also get the pill from this room. Now go down the thread that is in this room. More next issue.


Some games require a little bit of cunning when you want to enter cheats so R. Palmer has devised two rather neat little programs that will keep you busy well into '93! The first program allows you to load locked files that normally have to be *RUN, meaning that you can't enter any pokes.

Alien Dropout Example

As an example, to get infinite lives on Alien Dropout, run Program 1 ("U.7PROG1") then CALL &900 which should produce the "Searching" message. Load the file "?" and, once this is done, type ?&1E99=&EA followed by RUN.

Action Replay

The second program ("U.7PROG2") is similar in concept to devices such as the Action Replay Pro Cartridge for the Sega Megadrive (but you don't have to pay £49.99 for this version!). The program enables you to search the memory locations of a game file for a specific number (such as 3 for lives or 1 for a start level etc).

To use this program, *LOAD the game (using Program 1 if necessary) and run the above program. If you want to output the locations to a printer (believe me, you will need to!), insert VDU2 at line 45. There will no doubt be hundreds of memory locations with the number you are looking for but some can be crossed off immediately. Ignore locations with less than three digits or those with address values greater than 4000. After that, happy hunting! Once you've found something that looks right, for example, line 1200 contains the number 3, type ?&1200=X (RETURN) where X is the number required. I must admit that I've had very little success with this program as yet but I can see that not only would you be able to make games easier, but also harder by reducing the number of lives available!

If anyone has any success with either of these routines, please send the details. As always, you will be credited.

If you have any tips on any Electron game, or if you have a games-related problem, please send the details.

Christian Weber, EUG #7