Incompatible Upgrades

By M. Manning

Originally published in EUG #07

I acquired most of my hardware/software begged, borrowed and second hand and have now ended up with a 64K Turbo Elk and a PMS second processor. Surprisingly enough they seem to be mutually incompatible (i.e. they don't work well together even though the ads suggest otherwise). Have any readers found that no difficulties occur using them together or found a way to make them work better together?

Secondly, are any Elk users still messing with Teletext? I believe Morley Electronics developed an Elk system a while back. If anyone wishes to sell an Electron-compatible Teletext adaptor I would be interested. Also, does anyone have the Mode 7 Emulator ROM? Finally, I am interested in using my Elk to catalogue my video/music collection. I have Viewstore but it's even so slow and cumbersome sometimes. Do any members have better databases or their own programs for this?

I'm also experimenting with using the Elk for video titling and graphics. Thank you for that tip on getting colour video output with just one internal link.

M. G. Manning