My Electron

By Shelia Bridges

Originally published in EUG #14

I am new to EUG and have only had two issues of the newsletter. (EUG #12 and EUG #13). I will send £1.30 to Derek this week for EUG #14 and then every time I receive one, I will send the next £1.30.

I will tell you a bit about myself. I am 54 years old and have had a Electron since 1984 (Ten years!) and still love it. I have a Plus 1, a Cumana disk drive with the T2CU ROM (so as to transfer from tape). I have two NEC printers. One is a P2200 Pinwriter which I can get ink cartridges for (although this hasn't been too easy!) and the other is a PC8023BEN taking cartridges which you can only buy in packs of six.

I bought my Electron after seeing a friend's BBC and have accumulated lots of games. I love doing files and letters on View and Viewsheet. I would like to get the Starstore ROM as the only database I have is one I typed in from the magazine 'Input'.

Input was also responsible for a very long game called Cliffhanger. I typed this in but never did put it together as I don't understand the machine code.

Although I still haven't mastered graphics on either printer, I have learned a lot by typing in lots of games. I have a large collection of board games for the Electron. My son used to have an Amiga 500 and now has the 600 after it broke down. We have Superior's Bonecruncher for it!

On my Electron, I love all the Repton games. I have three Electrons at the moment. This one is fine, one is OK as long as you don't turn it off and the other one is really faulty.

My son has now bought himself a PC. I will probably play some of the card games on it and use the word processor because of the fonts.

Shelia Bridges, EUG #14