Times Table

By William Entwistle

Originally published in EUG #20

The program Tables [In the U directory - Gus] is a program I wrote partly for my son to help him with his times tables and partly as a program exercise for myself. Next issue sees an opening screen by me on the EUG disk as well which incorporates user-defined characters on a text screen to write EUG in boxes.

Although you will have to wait until next issue to see it, I will tell you now that the method of retrieving data entries I used meant the screen creation went very, very slowly. I had to change it from Mode 2 to Mode 5 as well as add lines RESTOREing the data pointer. Perhaps I may have been better using a graphics screen and building up an array with my message in it and used some sort of built-in detection procedure for when the arrow crossed it.

Possibly a shorter program could have been made as my programming skills are quite limited. I'm pleased with the result though.

Will Entwistle

Thanks William. The tables program will prove useful for building one of those indispensable squares which we all used at school.

The screen will appear on EUG #21.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #20