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By Michael Harris

Originally published in EUG #20

Can anyone help me with macros?

All the stored commands print out in the correct places in the letter but the sheet does not move up, in spite of the PE command, and consequently letter number 2 starts immediately after letter number 1 on page 1 and letter number 3 starts immediately after letter number 2 on page 2 and so on.

These are the commands I have entered:

      PB  Off
      CO  Counternotice
      DM  CN                                   

      RJ  30th June 1995

          Dear Sir,

                           Body of Letter

                                              Yours faithfully,


      CN  Mr. M. Harris, 16 The Chestnuts, 34/36 Locks Road, SOUTHAMPTON
      CN  Mrs. J. Smith, 39 West Street, Fareham, HANTS.

Can anyone recommend some literature for me to read on the internet and what sort of computer would one need to access it?

Michael Harris

Over to someone else regarding macros.

There has naturally been a lot written on the Internet - a lot of it is rubbish. What I do know is that you need a PC, at least 386 and a Fax Modem. Then, of course, you will need to actually join a local Internet group.

There is talk that libraries and some computer shops will be installing facilities for the public to access the Internet. How this will work we shall have to wait and see. One thing that is for certain - the Internet is probably the most exciting development in computers since Uncle Clive brought out the ZX80.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #20