By Ross Little

Originally published in EUG #23

The ultimate aim of Knights is to transpose the blue and white counters on the playing board so that the blue counters end up on the right, a blank is left in the centre hole and the white counters end up on the left.

The counters are moved using the knight's move, as in Chess. When the game begins, you will be informed of the current 'low score'. This is saved to disk under the filename "KNlow" and when the file is created, this 'low score' is 150 moves. If and when you complete the game in a lower number of moves, it will be saved into this file.

To start the game, just press a key and the move number will be incremented to one. This is automatically updated throughout the game. A white highlight will appear on the first piece that you can move. Press SPACE to move this highlight around onto each of the pieces and then back to the first. If the highlight is appearing on a blue counter, then it is coloured white and if it is on a white counter, it is coloured blue. When you have selected the piece you wish to move, press RETURN and the highlighted counter will be moved into the blank hole. The highlight will only appear on counters you are able to move so illegal moves are, in fact, impossible.

At the end of every move, the board is scanned to check to see if the game has been completed. If so, then the computer will check to see if you have a new 'low score'. If so, this score will be saved to disk and you be informed of the previous lowest number of moves. If you have not achieved this, then you will be told what the current 'low score' is.


The copyright agreement of this product allows the owner to use, update and redistribute the game and text herein according to his/her wishes. If redistributing v1.0, the three main files must be included.

Any or all of the game code may be updated by the user but credit on a future version must be given to the original author. The author is not liable for subsequent use or misuse of this work.

KNIGHTS - Source code. This version v1.0
KNscr - In-game playing screen

Created using utilities:

ELKPAINT (Written by Stuart Bain, (p) and (c) Electron User October 1989. Updated by Matthew Ford. Republished by EUG February 1995)

SMARTTEXT (Written by Pete Goodliffe, (p) and (c) The Micro User, October 1991)

+KNIGHT - These instructions for file "KNIGHTS"

KNIGHTS (C) Ross Little. Published in EUG #23, November 1995.