More From HeadFirst

By James Treadwell

Originally published in EUG #23

I am happy to include another of the HeadFirst PD utilities on the EUG disk and have forwarded the Mode 7 Emulation Disk that Will Watts reviewed in EUG #7. It has full instructions and allows Mode 7 to be emulated on an Electron. The better emulator does unfortunately require 64K Electrons.

I had to open up my Electron recently as it was playing up big time! However, fiddling around with the ULA seems to have stopped it misbehaving as it should and I could write this for you myself rather than having to use Gareth Boden's Electron (as I did for my letter last issue)! It's nice to be able to use my own without fear of it crashing at an important moment.

I look forward to the next issue of EUG.

James Treadwell, EUG #23