Repton 5 (Repton Infinity Datafiles)

By Dominic Ford

Originally published in EUG #26

Repton 5 is a new version of Repton, with new characters and puzzles. It was designed using the Repton Infinity editor, and there are eight levels, saved in two Repton Infinity files: "eG.Rep5" and "eG.Rep5B". Before you can play Repton 5 using the tape version of Repton Infinity therefore you must put a blank tape in your cassette recorder and use the transfer utility on this disk to transfer them to tape.

Some of the characters in Repton 5 are identical to those in the older versions of Repton. Rocks, monsters and eggs all act just as they did in the other Repton games, and photocopiers act just as they did in Repton 4. Bottles of poison are deadly when touched (like skulls) and the coins act as diamonds.

There are, however, many new characters. Bouncing crazy rocks are similar to rocks, except that if they cannot fall downwards, they will move left or right. If they cannot move left or right they will try to move up, and if they still cannot move, they destroy themselves. You must try to trap all of the crazy rocks so that they cannot move, and so destroy them all.

You will also find cars, which you must push under a garage in order to repair it. If you do so, you will be awarded 150 points and a wall will then appear in front of the garage making it impossible to re-use. You will also find plugs, mains leads and radios. If you successfully push a radio below a mains lead, with a plug above the mains lead, you will be awarded 175 points. Be careful not to stand below a plug and mains lead though because, if you do, you'll be electrocuted!

You will also find "2", "5" and "0" blocks, which must be pushed together horizontally to make "250" and gain 250 points and a coin in place of the "5".

Finally you will find moveable walls, which look like a pattern of white squares on a green background. These may be pushed around but may block your path if there are two side-by-side. They can be useful to trap crazy rocks if you push them to a suitable position but be careful not to push two moveable walls together that may block your path.

This table shows the scoring for Repton 5:

Pushing 250 together250
Pushing radio, mains lead and plug together175
Pushing car below garage150
Trapping crazy rock100
Killing monster20
Collecting coin5

Dominic Ford, EUG #26