Anagram Utility?

By Michael Harris

Originally published in EUG #26

Please find a cheque enclosed for £6.00 being subscription due. Any surplus please put in funds.

You were asking for comments on format and I have to say I like EUG the way it is. As I am partially sighted, I am able to read the screen and then print out the bits the interest me. Unfortunately, for the first time for a long time, I cannot load the current disk and I am returning it to you.

Many years ago I used to have two programs on a tape called Wordsearch and Banner Printing. Does someone have these on a disk please? Also, could one of our erudite members devise an Anagram program? I expect, because of its limitations, it would be quite a simple one for an Electron, unlike the very sophisticated program that was demonstrated several months ago one morning on the Richard And Judy TV program. The inventor entered a name and the sex of the person also their profession - sportsperson, politician, medic, actor - and the program devised an appropriate anagram.

I saw quite a clever anagram the other day:

   NOT VERY PRIVATE CHEATS (The Conservative Party)

Michael Harris

The screen on EUG #25 was very slow on the Electron without a Turbo Board. Sorry about this. I should have checked it on one before sending it out.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #26