Printing And PD

By Alan Richardson

Originally published in EUG #41

Many thanks for EUG #40.

I believe we once had a public domain library called BBC PD. I also believe it ceased operating a while ago. Does anyone know what happened to its library? 'Twould be good if EUG snapped up any of these surplus goodies for its members, nay?

The One Pass Print option on the menu is working well but the perforation skip wanders on my printer and is soon anywhere but where the perforation is. Does the program use form feed or count lines? I imagine form feed would allow the skip position to be constant.

A while ago I was in touch with Gareth Babb by e-mail but he seems to have relinquished his address. He seemed quite erudite on computing matters. And on modems and RS423 ports.

Also, I haven't noticed any reference to Dilwyn Williams. He passed away suddenly on 8th September and his wife says she knows nothing about computers. He had a lot of equipment and she may be interested in some help with it. When I wrote my last letter to EUG, I didn't know about Dilwyn.

I'm still looking for a CUMANA DISK DRIVE INTERFACE... My thanks to John Crane for his efforts so far, and possibly others I haven't heard from.

Have you heard about the computer illiterate who thought a space bar was where the aliens hung out?

Finally, Gus, the labels you're putting on the EUG disks just keep peeling off. Are they self-removing or something like that?

Alan Richardson

Over to Richard regarding the printing problems.

Note that EUG has an e-mail address but please send submissions on disk for the time being. I hope to have an EUG web site as soon as I can figure out how to do it.

I wrote to Mrs Williams expressing our condolences.

Labels peeling. Can anyone offer practical suggestions? I bought a box some time ago; they sure are a pig to unpeel from the backing paper. Perhaps if I heat them slightly?

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #40