In This Issue

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #54


The many articles in this issue are spread between the Articles Menu and the Adventures Menu. The main menu details the third part of the Brainteasers series whilst Alan Richardson reports on connecting a Z88 to an Electron. Elbug's Brian Boyle Shaw also supplements his synchronisation utility with this article on how and why it works the way it does.


Another surprisingly accomplished music demo; this time the talents of the famed Orlando, author of Arcadians, Frak and Zalaga. It plays the instantly recognisable Benny Hill theme music competently on both a BBC and Electron and was scavenged from one of the Elk PD disks (where it had been amalgamated into a demo without credit to its author!)

CREATIVE ASSEMBLER SHOOT-'EM-UP (All series. Requires PAGE at &E00)
With an introduction by the Dave, this hybrid BASIC/machine code demo has but one aim - to get you to improve it!


Championship Boxing (All series)
Use the arrow keys to attempt the KO against ever tougher opponents in this superior overhead boxing arcade game from Paul Stanley. Flynn Fantasic ought to be renamed Flynn the Fantastically Lucky though!

Francis Drake (All series. Requires PAGE at &E00)
The first of the programs from the third Brainteasers article invites you to follow Sir Francis Drake's epic voyage. This PD game was actually released commerically (according to Electron User) - unbelievable!

Omnipoly (All series)
Richard Smith's able rip off of Monopoly debuts in EUG after its review in EUG #45. A very professional piece of coding indeed, although note that it takes quite a long time before it executes.

RELATIONS (All series)
A rather good mathematical brainteaser concludes those from this issue's article.

Search And Rescue (All series)
Cleared of bugs and given a new lease of life by EUG, try and rescue as many seamen from their zombie boat in this fantastically programmed arcade game from G. Little and M. Orton. Note you can turn the sound on and off with S and Q.

Supersonic Snail Racing (All series. Requires PAGE at &E00)
One of the most popular PD games for the BBC, although the opening tune will not play well on the Electron.


This item, a multiple choice quiz on birds and beasts created by Denis Parker, requires one of the commercial ANSWER BACK disk quizzes to be sampled. Although the questions assume some knowledge in the appropriate area, even answering them wrongly will educate the user.

An easy to use sprite designer to be used in conjunction with the book by Jonathan Griffiths to produce multi-coloured sprites for modes 0 to 2. There is also a demo to illustrate how they can be plotted on screen.

SCREEN SAVER (BBC series. Not compatible with Electron)
Robert Sprowson's updated 6502 machine code utility to prevent your monitor from having images burned into it. Also includes the manual.

A cross between a demo and a utility, this program, to be used in conjunction with the article of the same name, demonstrates a method you can use to display words and play music on the Elk simultaneously.


Dave E looks at Topologika's Countdown To Doom and Kansas' Battlezone Six while Ross Little plays off his Amstrad PcW hand-held computer against his PC and Jonathan Partington describes the text adventure Spy Snatcher with just a hint of irony.

Adventures (All series)

The biggest Scott Adams mystery of them all has been wound up (for BBC/Elk owners at least) and the answers are here, along with a huge article on DESIGNING ADVENTURE PUZZLES and the solution to House- It's Quite Badly Bugged Really and Scott Adams' Adventure Number Nine, Ghost Town.


The letters pour in from old and new contributors alike with Alasdair Davis having trouble with printing EUG pictures, Torsten Lindh pondering over the BBC-Electron connection, Richard Dimond presenting his even-further-revised patience suite, John Crane with some timely advice and the latest updates to the Robert Sprowson website.