Street's Compatible

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #54

I have done further revisions of my PATIENCE games and they should now run correctly on all computers. [STREETS AND ALLEYS did not work on an Electron when published in EUG #52 - Ed]

If you are using a computer with PAGE above &E00 and the programs are downloaded, you will unfortunately not be able to load the statistics files and the program will hang if you try. It may be possible to use tape though this may be too awkward to be of use.

I have added the statistics routine to BELEAGURED CASTLE and STREETS AND ALLEYS.

These use the short data files to save the Deal Numbers, your score and whether you win or lose. They are set up using the "G.DFILRST" program which, when run, sets the variables to zero and re-saves the file for the game. This first asks for you to enter the first two letters of the filename for game (BC, BH, SA).

I have also included the 'undo' facility in BELEAGURED CASTLE - it was unfortunately not possible to do this for STREETS AND ALLEYS as there was not enough memory with the longer program.

This facility uses the variable 'm$' to save the characters of the key presses. When key "U" is pressed, the last two characters of this variable are read to enable the last move to be reversed. The variable 'U%' is used as a flag to skip the check routines.

I think these brief notes will be of interest and maybe I will try to explain more of my programming later.

Richard Dimond

Richard's suite of patience games continue to grow in their professionality, compatibility and ease of use. He's also currently working on new archiving projects and a review of EUG #2 on disk!

Dave E, EUG #54