By Carl Graham

Originally published in EUG #59

Although this demonstration is intended as exactly that, you will find the fill procedure it contains very useful if you intend to fill in an area on any mode 1, 2, 4 or 5 screen. PROCFILL is a sophisticated 'fill' and will reach into all nooks and crevices of an area. As it is a machine code utility, it runs at a fair speed too and even betters some of the more professional 'fill' routines such as the one within The Art Studio.

The only proviso to using PROCFILL within your own programs is that you must ensure the area it is to fill is enclosed by the border colour. Otherwise the fill colour will escape and try to fill the rest of the screen. You will notice that after the circles comprising the clouds are completed, two background colour circles take out appropriate pixels so they can be filled as a solid shape so this can be shown.

The data for the machine code program is read in from data statements at the end of the program. It is also checked as it is put into memory by lines 30-100.

The full demo shows a cloud against the sky and an old tree standing on grass before it.

Carl Graham

Everyone can consider themselves very lucky to be seeing this! The printed text in the book it came from was unbelievably difficult to read in places, i.e. those nasty DATA statements in the last 20 or so lines, and several times I thought about calling it a day. Shows what some perseverance can do!

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Dave Edwards, EUG #59