Savage Island Part 1

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #59


Adventure Number 10 bills itself as of very high difficulty. In fact, it contains two of the most infuriating random event generators in the history of text adventuring. On its first release, magazines were bombarded with angry letters from purchasers convinced there was a bug in the code preventing the adventurer from progressing to the "beach" location. This is because, during the part of the game where you must sail a raft randomly east and west, the equivalent of something like only if RND(100)=1 will it appear. It usually takes HOURS before you get lucky; whenever you don't you get eaten by sharks.

During the whole of this game, SAVE it frequently (although you can't do this during the hurricane). You will also find a file ADVE10 on this disk which was SAVEd for you at the elusive location. Believe me, you will use it! Anyway, here begins the intrigue of the SAVAGE ISLAND duo.

Day 1

You start on the beach of an idyllic island. After taking a look around, EXAMINE the stone HEAD and DIG in the SAND. When asked 'How?', respond WITH HANDS. This will uncover a hole and if you LOOK HOLE, you'll be able to GET a BOTTLE of rum. It's not for'll need it later in the game but the bottle serves a dual purpose.

Armed with the rum, head SOUTH. CLIMB the VOLCANO on the plain and then ENTER the inside VOLCANO. There's no climbing out the way you got in. Here you'll find a lake and a cave and an unhealthy looking bear. The poor beast has been trapped in the crater for years and is deficient in a certain mineral that only you can supply. He may decide to eat you so SAVE the GAME frequently and be careful until you can supply his needs in another way.

ENTER the CAVE and EMPTY the BOTTLE of rum into the stone basin you find there. Keep hold of the bottle. There are other exits which you can explore if you like, although you'll need a light source (obtained later) for one.

Exit EAST from the cave and DROP the BOTTLE and WATCH. The watch records your moves but it's not much good for anything else. You can't carry anything across the lake without assistance. Now GO for a swim in the LAKE. SWIM WEST (not an obvious exit) and you'll come to a secluded ledge. If the hurricane hasn't started by now type WAIT and it will, but SAVE the GAME first!

GO CREVICE onto the sand ledge. Then JUMP to get down to the beach. Yes, it is dangerous to move in a hurricane but as far as I know you don't have a choice. At some stage you will hear a crash, which is a palm tree falling over. Go EAST and EAST along the beach to where the palms are and GET LOG. Gee, this would come in handy for ferrying goods across the lake! Make your way West and SOUTH again then CLIMB VOLCANO. Once there, GET the BOTTLE, GO into the LAKE and SWIM WEST. DROP the BOTTLE on the ledge and go back EAST to the lake.

In the middle of the lake, DROP LOG and HOLD your BREATH. Then SWIM DOWN and SWIM NORTH. GET the KNIFE. SWIM EAST. GET the small plastic BLOCK and SWIM UP. GET the LOG, SWIM WEST and then DROP the LOG with the rest of the goods. Now GET the BOTTLE from the collection.

OK, now time to get the bear what he wants so he won't bother you. GO through the CREVICE and JUMP down to the beach. Move EAST along it and DOWN to the water's edge. GET some seaWATER (in the empty bottle), then head SOUTH and SOUTH again to CLIMB VOLCANO, GO CAVE and GO CREVICE to a hot rocky ledge. Hopefully the wind won't blow you away! EMPTY the BOTTLE and you'll see a pile of salt as all the seawater evaporates. GET the SALT and GO back through the CREVICE. DROP the SALT in front of the bear and it will gobble it all up and leave you alone.

Now GET the RUM again (out of the basin where you left it!), GO EAST and DROP the BOTTLE, KNIFE and BLOCK by the lakeshore. GO LAKE and SWIM WEST then type SLEEP for a rest.

Day 2

Morning, and still there's lots to be done. Today, you will manufacture a raft to take you out to sea. If you've heard the cannon offshore and seen the island from the stone head, you'll know that "something" is out there. The next part is a 'shuffle' of objects necessary to get the log down to the water's edge. It's quite tedious in full so just type E, SWIM EAST, GET BOTTLE, GET KNIFE, GET BLOCK, GO LAKE, SWIM WEST, DROP BOTTLE, DROP KNIFE, DROP BLOCK, E, SWIM EAST, U (Here you'll drop the log over the side!), GO LAKE, SWIM WEST, GET BOTTLE, GET KNIFE, GET BLOCK, GO CREVICE and JUMP.

Do you remember hearing two crashes during the storm? GO EAST and EAST to where the palm trees were and GET the other LOG that's fallen. GO WEST and DOWN then DROP this LOG and go SOUTH and SOUTH. Surprise, surprise! Here's your other log lying next to the volcano! GET this LOG and go NORTH and DOWN then DROP this LOG next to the first. GO SOUTH and CUT a VINE from the jungle. Go DOWN again and with the command MAKE RAFT you'll be ready to set sail. Now DROP everything else you're carrying.

All this has taken time so it's best to now head SOUTH and SOUTH to CLIMB into the VOLCANO again. Follow the GO LAKE and SWIM WEST drill and go to SLEEP again.

Day 3

Wakey, wakey. As is becoming the norm, GO CREVICE, JUMP down and go EAST and EAST. CLIMB the TREE and GET the COCONUTS. Now go DOWN, WEST and DOWN to GET the BOTTLE, KNIFE and BLOCK you left behind. SAVE the GAME and GO onboard the RAFT. SAIL this way and that (as where you go is completely random!) until you see an atoll, hopefully before your raft disintegrates.

GO onto the ATOLL and WAIT there. If you get there fast enough, a surly pirate will appear. GIVE him the BOTTLE of rum and he'll leave you a note and a bandanna. GET and READ the NOTE and GET the BANDANNA. SAVE the GAME.

Now attempt to GO RAFT and SAIL until you see the beach. As stated above, the strong likelihood is that your raft will fall to pieces and you will be promptly devoured by the pond life. Either re-LOAD and try again or copy the first saved position from this disk over to the format you require and *RENAME it ADV10. GO BEACH.

Now to the beach. Once off the raft, GO into the CAVE. EXAMINE the DRAWINGS. Weird, aren't they? This gives you a taste of the sort of thing the adventure will start to turn into.

There is a dark crevice but you can't go up there. Hit the salactite WITH a COCONUT. Egad! A crevice opens in the rock. DROP the remaining COCONUTS as you won't need them again. GO CREVICE and you'll be in a metal-lined tunnel with exits in all directions. Things are certainly becoming strange!

Explore the rooms east and west. Then go back to the tunnel, NORTH then WEST. EXAMINE the control CONSOLE and GO into the FORCE field. As nothing's there, GO FORCE again to exit. Notice anything different? What about the plastic block you found? It's glowing! What use is a glowing block? Well, it's a light source for a start. Go EAST and then EAST again. Now go SOUTH into the darkness. Ah, ha...alien machinery!

An EXAMINEation of the MACHINERY will reveal a wire missing. Where could this be? Well, remember the dark opening right back in the cave in the volcano...the place you couldn't explore because you had no light source? You guessed it...!

Go all the way back NORTH, WEST, SOUTH, SOUTH and SOUTH to your raft. GO RAFT and SAVE GAME. Now try and SAIL to the tidepool (You have a much higher chance of finding it but this game can still annoy you here!). GO TIDEPOOL then destroy your raft by CUTting the VINES that secure it. GET one of the LOGs - you'll need this to cross the river, remember? - and trudge back SOUTH and SOUTH to the volcano. CLIMB VOLCANO, fall down inside it, GO LAKE, SWIM WEST and SLEEP.

Day 4

Morning again! Shake the sleet from your eyes and go EAST into the lake. SWIM EAST then GO CAVE and GO OPENING. You will be in a maze, so don't get lost. Simply go SOUTH and then NORTH. Phew, bat guano! DIG in it WITH HANDS to find what you're looking for!

GET the WIRE, GO out of the OPENING and EAST. GO into the LAKE and SWIM WEST to the secluded ledge (again!) and DROP BLOCK; NOTE; BANDANNA; KNIFE and WIRE. Go EAST and SWIM back EAST. Haul the log UP the volanco as before, watch as it cascades over the edge the GO back over the LAKE, SWIMming West as necessary, and GET the BLOCK, the BANDANNA, the WIRE and the KNIFE.

GO through the CREVICE and JUMP down to the beach. Go EAST and SOUTH then GET the LOG (from where it landed) and go NORTH to the edge of the jungle and CUT some more VINES. GET the VINES, go DOWN, DROP the LOG and reMAKE the RAFT.

Again you're faced with the awesome task of locating the beach. So, if you're feeling particularly bored, SAVE the GAME then GO RAFT and SAIL away until you live or die. Otherwise, it's time to load in the second saved position on this disk. GO BEACH. Now for the final phase.

You'll need to re-charge your light source so GO CAVE, GO CREVICE, go NORTH, WEST and GO into FORCE and GO out of the FORCE. Now go EAST, EAST and SOUTH to the alien machinery and FIX MACHINE WITH WIRE. Go NORTH, WEST, SOUTH and EAST to the caveman's display case (not the dinosaur or else it's Jurassic Park all over again!) and PRESS BUTTON.

With the caveman following you, go West and NORTH to the force field. The caveman will press a button on the console and a voice will demand the password. As the pirate's note said, the "word's FREE" so SAY FREE and hear the machine say "Ready". Last move: GO FORCE and you will be given the password for SAVAGE ISLAND PART TWO (123) and somehow will have reached the end of this almost impossible adventure!!

Good luck!