By Lars Osterballe

Originally published in EUG #70


Lars Osterballe seems to have been relatively unknown outside the Public Domain world of the BBC and Electron - but is the brains behind a number of a demos, games and utilities, as our review of his masterpiece Pantheon this issue attests. In 1985, he put together this Elite clone, Supreme, which remarkably seems to have been seen only by very very few people. The version included is for the Electron. An enhanced BBC version is available on the disc Public Domain Games #06 by BBC PD.

The Legend

SUPREME A long time ago in deep space some few people fought for what they called freedom. During that time, a small group of these became 'Supremes', the very best fighters in the universe.

Your grandfather was one of those rare people. Sadly, and surprisingly, he was one day shot dead by an untrained, but anyway dangerous, pirate.

As his grandchild, your task is to find this bastard and avenge your loved grandfather. Not a very easy task...

To solve this problem, you yourself will have to become a supreme, because that evil pirate probably is by now!

To become so, you will have to do a lot of fighting and trading in the three galaxies.

You can buy several cargos on the 105 planets in this game, and you will also be able to buy useful equipment for your hyperspace trading and combatship there.

You will certainly be glad to know that nobody, I said nobody, has solved this puzzle!

Docking Tunnels

Use the action keys to control your vehicle so that the opening is in the centre of your view.

The sides of the square must be horizontal and vertical.

If you have bought a docking computer all you have to do is press C.

Remember to think of a planet's needs when you are trading. Look at the technology levels.

On the lower levels, the pirates will be most dangerous, so take care...

Can you become "supreme"?

Game Controls

Action Keys
X - Climb, S - Dive, , - Anticlockwise Roll, . - Clockwise Roll
SPACE - Increase Speed, / - Decrease Speed, A - Fire Laser
C - Toggle Docking Computer On/Off

Other Keys
1 Hyperspace Jump
2 Buy cargo
3 Sell cargo
4 Equip ship
5 Intergalactic Jump
6 Chart
7 Data on system
8 Market price
9 Status
0 Inventory
- Save game
; Sound on
: Sound off

Cursor Keys - Move cursor on galaxy chart
f6 - View data on galaxy chart (Any other function key to exit)