By Personal Computer News

Originally published in EUG #70

TRAINIAC Trainiac is one of our all time favourites - and one which Dave E has been searching for for what seems like forever!

Trainiac is a simple concept - you must use the Z,X,* and ? keys to move a bridge icon to gaps in a railway line and press the SPACE bar to bridge them. The time that you have to do this is directly proportional to how far the train currently is from the nearest gap - and how quickly it is going.

Complete three screenfuls and you get suitably applauded for your efforts - but another train then sets off markedly faster than before. Your objective is to gain the highest score possible. The game continues indefinitely.

Although this is written entirely in BASIC, the idea is so sound that I could easily see a machine code version of it being commissioned as a full price release. Perhaps a nice and easy future project for Retro Software, once it finally releases the incredibly long-awaited Repton The Lost Realms?