The Bit At The Front (TBATF)

By Will Watts

Originally published in EUG #02

Late Again!

Sorry everyone. The printing of our ad in The Micro User - after a wait of almost four months - has had much to do with the delay. A lot of envelope licking has been going on round here! Welcome to all you new members!

Frequency Of EUG Distribution

Some people have been calling EUG a 'monthly' magazine which is not the case. I think 'erratic periodical' would be a better description! At the moment we are aiming to produce the mag more or less bi-monthly, but it would be nice if, in the future, we could produce ten issues a year or even become a monthly 'publication' but let's not get too ambitious too soon!

We would like to hear from anyone with anything to say on any aspect of the Electron. Some ideas you might like to consider are listed elsewhere in this issue. While the days are cold and the nights are long, why not give us a little bit of your time and join in?

Program Listings

I'm afraid program listings are rather thin on the ground in this issue; there is only one of my own small efforts. Over the Christmas period I intend to smarten up some of the programs I have written in the past and include them in future issues. (It's up to you to decide whether this is a threat or a promise!!)

This Issue's Digitised Photo

In case you're wondering, the photograph is of myself, taken during one of my more calmer moments during the preparation of this issue!! On no account should it be printed out and pinned to a dart board then used for target practice - as this would constitute cruelty to darts!

Will Watts, November 1991, EUG #2