Poets' Corner

By Alan Davies & Ray Lennard

Originally published in EUG #02
  The saying goes as we all know,
Great oaks from little Acorns grow,
The Elk though small with limited power,
Given a chance will bloom and flower,
Come Elk users far and wide,
Give your support to this EUG guide!

Mr A. Davies, Gtr. Manchester

  What a great issue was number one!
To the computer room I was gone.
Textfile savers, Public Domain,
jolly jokes - not that one again!
Letters, letters by the score:
some were good, some were poor.
Showed 'Infect your Elk' to Auntie Gertie,
found 'No such FN/Proc at line 30'.
When I demode Music/sound
she was rapping on the ground.
Repton Ramblin's (Who is he?)
PLAY IT AGAIN SAM number 43.
Wheelie was terwiffick from our Darren,
my crossword squares are rather barren.
That's the lot from Repton Ray.
Don't forget where there's a will there's a way.

Ray Lennard, Macclesfield

Not since Cyrano de Bergerac wooed me from the bushes beneath my balcony have I been so moved. I'm quite misty eyed...

Will Watts, EUG #2