Brain Tumour Drama

By Tony Boarer

Originally published in EUG #30

This is my only contribution this time. I had started to write about the various versions of DFS ROMs I have, with some questions - but I cannot remember what they were going to be, for on 22nd December, I collapsed in a heap and a 999 call got me to Derriford Hospital quite quickly. Various tests showed that the cause was a brain tumour and this has now been 95% removed - the other 5% I will deal with later subject to what I have to say next.

The purpose of telling you this is that I have learnt quite a lot about the motor control from the brain since this happened, and having got over the emotional shock, I am quite willing to write about my experience to date.

As the neuro-surgeon said to me after the operation, "The brain does not like to be disturbed." This has led to a lot of problems. But you are the Editor and I do not wish to write anything you do not wish to publish. However, the article I propose would be computer-related, ranging over the use of the CT (Computer Topograph) and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners, the machinations of the disturbed (position not mental) human brain (far more complex than any man-made computer - and more besides) and real life drama.

This letter has been typed 99% right-handed as I am still teaching my left hand to operate properly! Or rather, transferring information already known to the left lobe of my brain back into the right lobe; the right lobe motors the left arm and leg and vice versa.

PS. You owe me a replacement disk from last time, please.

PPS. Recently you said that you had received dirty disks that did your drives little help. Although mine are unmarked tradewise, they are brand new and only written to more times than the files and locking because I have made last minute alterations as on this disk.

Tony Boarer

Sounds interesting. I am sure that most EUG readers will look forward to reading about what you have discovered.

May I reiterate once again, I do not censor anything which is sent to EUG HQ by a member for publication. Everything is published as it is. The only provisos are:

  • Articles shouldn't be copyrighted to someone else;
  • Articles shouldn't be deliberately offensive to anyone, i.e. for the sake of being offensive. (This is obvious really: Offensiveness is pointless, but making a constructive reference is not offensive.)

I hope everything works out for you. I have worked with people in the past who have suffered similar injuries to your own and have been amazed by their determination to recover and the remarkable recoveries which are often made.

I do owe you a replacement disk. I forgot everyone's disk last time.

Never had any trouble with your disks. In fact, the one that caused the problem I should have spotted before I put it in the drive. It did happen a long time ago and I really wouldn't worry yourself about it at all. The point of the story was to indicate how easily a drive which is irreplaceable can be damaged by just one disk.

Moral: Get yourself a replaceable drive or failing that, back up everything you have to tape asap. Personally, I have done both. I think some members misunderstood my motives a little when I said that I could get 3.5" drives for £25. I wasn't trying to sell anything. I was simply responding to the problem some members have had when told by a shop, "Nothing for the Electron/Beeb/Master" or "Certainly, Sir. I have just one left which I was keeping for someone. I'll sell it to you at cost, £49!"

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #30