Tracker M/C Disassembler (ROM Version)

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #31

I have at last got this to work. I found that the trouble was that I was using the routine in the TRACKER program for entering the *commands and this would not work as this cleared the first five bytes of the command each time and this caused a "Bad name" error. I have added Tables 5 and 6 for the entry of the *commands and it is now working well.

This version works in the same way as before but has further advantages.

The display is now full screen so that 20 lines of coding are now shown. As the *GO facility had to be omitted, I have shorted the command to run the program to *TKR for easy typing in.

Star commands may now be used so that disks may be changed, files loaded and the disk catalogue displayed without breaking out of the program. These are all called by pressing the * key and entering the command. There is no need to re-enter the '*'.

I have included a HELP srceen and this can be called with 'HELP TKR' and this will be displayed.

Each time you give a star command, the display area will clear and when the command is completed you will need to press SPACE to return to the program. ESCAPE will return to BASIC as before and also if an error occurs.

I hope that these who have Sideways RAM will find this version useful.

I have included the assembler listing for those interested in looking at these. It is in two parts, the first for the ROM setup, HELP data and the start command and the second for the program itself. This latter file is so long that it can only be assembled with either a Master in Mode 134 or Mode 7 or an Electron with MRB. The assembled coding TRACK1 and 2 are then loaded into Sideways RAM using the short program TRKldr.

Richard Dimond, EUG #31