Another Poser

By John Crane

Originally published in EUG #31

Another poser for someone. I've had an IDE Hard Drive in my A3010 and have recently replaced it with an external cased SCSI Hard Drive and CD ROM. This is a Castle Technology setup which is advertised frequently in Acorn User.

When I formerly used my IDE HD, I had a fair amount of Beeb stuff stored on it, which I accessed via !65Host (Beeb emulator). The Hard Drive being Drive 4 (similar to a HD Beeb setup).

At the time of purchase, Castle happily transferred the contents of my IDE drive to my new SCSI drive. However, when I now go into !65Host, it doesn't recognise the SCSI Hard Drive. I rang Castle's Technical Helpline, only to be told, quote: "No, it probably won't work from the Beeb emulator without some rewriting of !65Host. If it's any consolation, you're the only person who's ever asked!"

Well, that wasn't much help. Anybody else any ideas?

John Crane, EUG #31