3D Editor

By J. Ayre

Originally published in EUG #57


The acclaimed 3D Editor, a PD game first reviewed ten years ago in EUG #5, comes to the magazine at last!

3D Editor is a simple utility designed to allow you to create 3D-style masterpieces with a minimum of effort. You do this by simply manipulating the elements of up to six cylinders; changing their radii and heights (above and below eye-level).

If you vary the radius of each circle, you can create cones and rings. This program demonstrates this. Each cylinder is made up of 12 facets. After you have finished with one cylinder (object) you can add another one underneath to edit independently of the first. Up to six can be used. The program is not very fast but eventually you can create a masterpiece and save it.

ESCAPE always returns you to the start of the program.

When you save a screen, two files will be created. One will have a 'c' added on the end of the filename. This file contains the colour info of the screen.

Using The Program

All commands are entered by pressing the appropriate key as the current design of cylinder(s) is shown on screen. As the program continually saves and loads the current design to/from disk, it is essential that the disk is write-enabled. Therefore, you will probably need to copy all the 3D Editor files - and demonstration screens - to a spare disk.

Demonstration Screens

A slideshow of seven demonstration screens can be called from the design screen. After the loading screen clears, press SPACE and the default cylinder will be drawn. Pressing V will move you to the "D(emos)" directory and you will be asked "How many pictures?"

To see the full slideshow, type 7. A number x (less than this) will present a slideshow of the first x number of screens. The slideshow will cycle until ESCAPE is pressed.

The demo screens will show what the program can do, including the centred text at any height facility. ESCAPE returns you to the start of the program.

Game Controls

Cursor Up Selects top circle
Cursor Down Selects bottom circle
Cursor Left Increase diameter
Cursor Right Decrease diameter
A Raises the height of the circle
Z Lowers the height of the circle
C Changes the colour
N Creates a new object
W Wipes the screen and displays controls
S Saves screen
L Loads screen
P Picks Object (2 Objects only)
G Toggles Text Guidelines
V Slideshow of saved files
* Input OS commands
T Input Text
> Shrinks object
< Enlarges object
SHIFT Fine control

Dave E, EUG #57