Arrow Of Death Part 1

By Jacob Gunness

Originally published in EUG #65
The aim of ARROW OF DEATH PART ONE is actually to make the arrow of the title, although this is not sufficiently explained in either the notes or on the cassette inlay. ARROW OF DEATH is a magical adventure with lots of weird locations. This solution will take you through most of them.

In the starting location with the dead messenger, EXAMINE the COURTYARD to GET the ROPE. Then go W and W again. Now TURN the COAT of Arms three times to reveal a secret passage. GO into the PASSAGE and GET the SWORD in the vault beyond it. Now go W back to the room with the bed and GET the ARMOUR. EXAMINE the BED to discover the pillow then CUT the PILLOW open with the sword. GET the PURSE hidden inside it. Now EXAMINE the PURSE to GET the COINS. Go E, S and E to the Kitchen then EXAMINE the KITCHEN and GET the hidden HOOK. Go W, N, E and N then GIVE the COINS to the beggar. He will disappear and leave behind a glowing orb.

GET the ORB then go N and W. You now need to get onto the ledge with the armour but it's too heavy to climb in. So first TIE the ROPE to the hook and HOOK the ARMOUR onto the rope with the hook on it. GET the ROPE again and now GO LEDGE with it. PULL the ROPE and hoist the armour up the ledge behind you. GET the ARMOUR and WEAR the ARMOUR so you are well protected. Now RUB the ORB and you will see an entrance to a cave magically appear.

GO into the CAVE and RUB the ORB again so you can see what you're dealing with. A huge serpent will be eying you up so type KILL SERPENT until you hit home on the third strike. Now GET the ARROWHEAD and go S and D. You can now safely DROP the ROPE as it is no longer required.

Go E, E, S and S back to the location with the messenger. EXAMINE MESSENGER and GET the AMULET he has concealed about him. Now go N, N and E to the dense forest. Type WAIT and you will be magically transported away in a cloud of fog.

From the new location, go N then GIVE AMULET to the Ferryman. WAIT then go S and E to a clearing with a slave. CUT the slave's CHAINS and go S, S and U. The slave will follow you. MOVE the BOULDER with the help of the slave. Then go D and W and GET the TOADSTOOLS. (The slave will get drugged in the process and pass out!)

Go E and N and you will see a Cookhouse. GO COOKHOUSE and EXAMINE the CAULDRON to discover some thick broth. DRUG BROTH then type WAIT, WAIT before going W and W. GO into the BUILDING. Now GO LADDER, TAKE LOG, go W and GO FLUME.

When you are in the river, WAIT and you will see a beach. GO BEACH and U to find the eagle, then PLUCK EAGLE to fly away with it.

Now you'll be in a maze. Go S, E and N until you find yourself at a brook. When this is so, go N through the babbling brook then N again until you are standing by a hut. GO HUT and EXAMINE the dead DWARF. You will discover a medallion so REMOVE your ARMOUR and DROP the ARMOUR then GET MEDALLION. EXAMINE the HUT too and you will then have to DROP the ORB so you have enough space to GET the SPECS you find.

So S, N, W and N to a burned out village. EXAMINE the DEBRIS and you will see a trapdoor. GO down through the TRAPDOOR to OPEN the CHEST. DROP the PURSE so you can GET the BOOK. Then WEAR the SPECS so you can READ the small print of the BOOK. Go U, S, E and E then GO into the MARSH. Simply go E and N and you will see a guarded sacred willow. THROW the MEDALLION to get rid of the guardians and finally CUT the willow's BRANCH to complete ARROW OF DEATH PART ONE.