The Time Machine

By Jacob Gunness

Originally published in EUG #65
Note: Type in these key definitions before loading The Time Machine as they'll make it easier in the long run. If you're using the Haven disk version, they'll be done for you.


Then CHAIN the program in the usual way.

You can easily see Dr. Potter's house by travelling N, W and S. Then go N to be able to GET a pair of GLOVES. You don't need to ring the bell. Make sure you WEAR the GLOVES now too. (N.B. When you later drop the gloves, make sure to REMOVE them first!)

Go W around the side of the house and BREAK the WINDOW. GO WINDOW to enter the house then EXAMINE the PAINTING you see and GET the KEY which you find inside it. UNLOCK the DRAWER then EXAMINE the DRAWER to GET a CROWBAR.

Now go E and UNLOCK the DOOR in the hallway. GO DOOR and you will be in the cellar with the "strange machine". PLAY the CASSETTE to hear the details of your mission then GET the FLASHLIGHT. Actually using the Time Machine really sucks as there is no way of predicting whereabouts it will ever transport you and you need to tediously type in GO MACHINE, PRESS REV and LEAVE MACHINE every time you use it to go somewhere. (All too often you find you're still in the same place!) Don't give up and use the keys above if possible.

Keep operating the machine until you arrive at the Sphinx. GO into the MACHINE again and DROP everything you're carrying apart from the flashlight. Now LIGHT the FLASHLIGHT, LEAVE MACHINE and PUSH the projecting STONE. GET the SHOVEL then GO into the OPENING. GET the ROCK and go S. Now PULL the LEVER and JAM the LEVER with the rock. GET the SPEAR then go N and N and GO through the DOOR. CLIMB the STATUE and you will be able to GET the PRISM. Go DOWN and you should KILL the DOG with the spear before you GO on through the OPENING, S and GO back into the MACHINE. FIT the PRISM then PRESS the REV and LEAVE the MACHINE.

If you're really lucky, you'll go straight to the sailing brig now. If not, just keep getting back in, pressing the rev and getting out till you do. GO MACHINE when you do and DROP everything except the CROWBAR. LEAVE the MACHINE and go E then OPEN the DOOR with the crowbar. GO DOOR then S and GET the NEEDLE and thread. Now go N and W and GET the Sea BISCUITS. Go E and E again then OPEN the CHEST with the crowbar and GET the HAMMER. Go back W, then U, W and S. Now CLIMB the RIGGING and EXAMINE the POUCH at the top of it. GET the second PRISM.

Now go D and N. GO MACHINE, FIT this new PRISM then LEAVE the MACHINE and travel N. GET the ROPE and the old SAIL before you go S and GO MACHINE yet again. DROP CROWBAR then PRESS REV and LEAVE MACHINE.

Once again, hope that this time you are in the hot fetid swamp location. If so, GO MACHINE and GET the SHOVEL. Make sure you have the shovel, the needle and thread, the sail, the rope and the Sea Biscuits. Then LEAVE the MACHINE and go N, N and E. FEED the BRONTOSAURUS with the Sea Biscuits then GO onto the CAUSEWAY. MEND the BOAT using all the ship objects you have. Then GO BOAT and you will be instantly transported to an island. DIG and you'll be able to GET the third PRISM. GO BOAT then W, W, S and S. Now GO into the MACHINE and FIT this last PRISM before you PUSH the REV again.

LEAVE MACHINE when you arrive in the Cellar again. Then get back into it again with GO MACHINE and PRESS REV. The madness on the screen display will now have stopped. PRESS REV about five times then LEAVE the MACHINE. If you are in any of the earlier locations or the Time-Warp with the Police Box, GO MACHINE, PRESS REV and LEAVE MACHINE until you finally arrive at the grassy plain. GO MACHINE, GET the CROWBAR and the HAMMER, LEAVE the MACHINE and then use the crowbar to LEVER the PLATE.

GO down the open SHAFT then W to a room with a generator. SMASH the GENERATOR with the hammer. Then go E, GO ARCHWAY and there will be the good Doctor Potter waiting to be rescued. Type GET DOCTOR and you will have finished the adventure!