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Feel like a ball game but can't be bothered to go out?

well get your opponent and let your Electron provide the court with BOUNCE BALL.

Written by Ian Kirby, it's a two player game that harks back to the earliest days of video games but is still as much fun as ever.

ang% Contains angle of ball
bx% Contains across position of ball
by% Contains position of ball down screen
sa% Position of player one across screen
sb% Position of player two across screen
ua% Position of player one up screen
ub% Position of player two up screen
turn% Contains number of player who must hit ball next
num% Contains number of player who hit ball last
pl_a% Player number one's score
pl_b% Player number two's score
PROC_move_man_a Allows player one to move his man
PROC_move_ball Moves ball across the screen
PROC_move_man_b Allows player two to move his man
PROC_init Defines the program variables, etc.
PROC_inst Prints instructions on the screen
PROC_hit Takes action if player hits the ball
PROC_draw_screen Draws the screen
PROC_score Calculates the score
PROC_re_set Sets the variables for a new game
PROC_off Takes action if the ball goes off the screen
PROC_winner Shows the winner


By Russell Thickings

REVERSI Take a rest from blasting nasties and being chased round mazes and take on your Electron at Reversi.

Exercise your mind and give your fingerips a rest as you ponder your strategy. You'll find your Electron a formidable adversary.

The program works on a grid system with 64 squares. Each square contains a number and the lower the number the better the square.

When it's the computer's turn it checks all 64 squares to see if it can turn over any of the player's counters and find the best legal move. If it can't go then the player has won.

When it is the player's turn it checks that the move is legal. If you can't go, then ESCAPE must be pressed and the computer wins.

The data at the end makes the computer play for the corners. Altering this will alter the computer's style of play.

position%(8,8) Grid of squares
counter1% Player's counter number
counter2% Computer's counter number
colour1% Player's colour
colour2% Computer's colour
win% Shows whether anyone has won
key% Key pressed
x%,y% Position of counter
bestgo% Computer's best go
instructions Prints the instructions
err Report error or computer wins
set Set the variables, characters and envelopes
grid Draws the board
win Checks to see if anyone has won
play Player's move
comp Computer's move
turn Check computer's move
check Check player's move
turnover Place new counter and turn over the others


Ride out West with Ken Goodacre and do what a man's got to do

TEX 'N DAN Tired of arcade action but don't want to hurt your brain with logic games? Well, why not go back to the days when a man was a man and do what a man has to do way out West?

Despicable Dan has ridden into town and the scene is set for a showdown between Dan and Tex the sheriff (you).

Tex has six shots in his gun, which is reloaded when Dan has used his six shots.

Each player has three lives, and when Dan has lost all his lives the game moves on to the next level.

On each progressive level the number of shots Tex starts with is reduced.

To make things a little more difficult, Tex can only fire straight, or at a preset angle, left or right depending on his proximity to Dan. Points also are awarded for shooting pieces off the cacti, which can only be hit when firing straight up.

On the third screen, one of Dan's gang throws a rattlesnake onto Tex's side of the road. This snake proceeds to chase Tex for the rest of the game.

Tex can jump over the snake by pressing the spacebar. But if he comes into contact with the snake he loses a life.

On the third level onwards, Dan's accuracy improves.

If Tex loses all his lives, an undertaker will come out and carry him off. As you might guess, the game is then over.

As well as this one player versus the micro, there's a two-player option in which both players are evenly matched.

The game will also demonstrate itself.

Main Variables
A% Tex's ammo in one-player game
B%/b% Number of shots in respective gun
ca1/2/3% Piece of cactus
D%/d% Holds value for leg animation
DIF% Different in Ypos of Tex and Dan
E%/e% Holds value for body animation
ER%/er% Error of Dan
GM%/gm% Number of games won
P%/PP% Number of players
SC%/sc% Score
UP%/up% Number of lives left
u% Timing of jump
UX% Xpos of undertaker
UY% Ypos of undertaker
SN% Type of snake, left or right facing
SX% Xpos of snake
SY% Ypos of snake
X%/x% Xpos of Tex or Dan
Y%/y% Ypos of Tex or Dan
O%=1 If a cactus has been hit
ov%=1 During play
U%=1 If Tex jumps
auto Main loop on one-player game
test2 Main loop on two-player game
jmp1 Tex jumps
jmp2 Tex alights
mR Moves Tex and Dan
sh Tex fires
sh2 Dan fires
chek Has anybody hit a cactus?
rico Cactus has been hit
del Progressively deletes a cactus
DGR Tex and Dan dodge about
turn_dan Dan turns to face Tex
at Computer fires at Tex
snake Moves snake
bite Snake has bitten Tex!
run_on Let battle commence!
over Game over or next level
advance Advance to next level
cac1/2/3 Draws a cactus
w Waiting loop
up Blind goes up
shut Shut that door!
carry Undertaker carries Tex off
run Prints undertaker
ask How many players are there?
load Loads a gun
spent Deletes a bullet

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st Sep 1985
Links: Everygamegoing,

Cover Art