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Hop to it and guide your frog troop home in this arcade classic by Stephen Merrigan

GREBIT GREBIT is an arcade classic. No games collection is complete without at least one version, and this is one of the best.

As the leader of a troop of frogs it's up to you to guide everyone home after a night on the town.

You have to shepherd - or is it frogherd? - them, one by one, across the road, dodging the cars, lorries and buses.

Then you must cross the river by jumping from log to log, taking advantage of the turtles swimming past.

Once all the frogs are home you start again - but this time there's heavier traffic on the road and fewer logs and turtles in the river.

FROG% Number of frogs home
LI% Number of lives
SC% Score
HI%(5) High scores
init Sets the variables and envelopes. Defines the characters and DIMensions the arrays.
assemble Assembles the machine code
draw Draws the screen
coped_it Called when you've lost all your lives
hi Puts your name in the high score table
hi_score Prints the high score table


Undo the wizard's wicked work in this adventure by Steve Lucas

GREBIT Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived an evil necromancer.

He terrorised the villagers and stole all their valuables.

Your task is to search the land and return five items of treasure.

There are 48 different locations and many puzzles and obstacles to overcome.

Your must give the computer instructions in the form of simple one or two word sentences such as GET TORCH or THROW ROPE.

All instructions must be in capitals only. If your command is not understood then try saying it in a different way.

The data has been coded by shifting the ASCII value of the descriptions in the DATA statements, which makes it more difficult to solve the game by examining the listing.

Take extra care when entering these lines.

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st Feb 1986
Links: Everygamegoing,

Cover Art