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Cover Art


By Andrew and Stephen Weir

CROCODILE TEARS With a hungry crocodile in front of him and a brick wall behind, Jeremy has nowhere to go. His only chance of survival is to knock down the wall, one brick at a time.

But there is a word between Jeremy and the crocodile and to stop the crocodile eating Jeremy you must fill in the missing letter.

If you can't complete the word within three goes the crocodile will eat him up.

If you do complete the word, Jeremy has time to knock a brick off the wall.

Once he has knocked all ten bricks off, he is free to run away.

There are eight letters to choose from. Only one will fit the word. To choose a letter move the arrow using the spacebar until it is positioned above the letter that you think is correct. Then press RETURN.

If you were correct a brick will be knocked off the wall - if not, the crocodile will move even closer.

Once the game has ended, answer the question Another game? by pressing Y for yes, or N for no.

Pressing Y will advance you to the next level - there are seven in all - unless you failed to save Jeremy, in which case that level will be replayed.

If you press N the game will restart, ready for another player.

tune Plays the tune
read Picks a word
crocoprint Prints the crocofile
arrow Prints the arrow
man Prints the man
brickstack Prints the wall


By Phil Taylor

MISSILE JAMMER A thousand years have passed since the last war between the city of Pezina and the distant planet of Farn, but now things are different.

The farnites has found a document saying that the Pezinas had done a great injustice to them thousands of years ago.

The Pezinas knew this document was false as they are a friendly and democratic nation. War was then declared by the Farnites.

Because the Pezinas were a peaceful race their planet was battered until only the capital city remained. In a last desperate attempt to save their city they have called you in.

You are a famous pilot, once a member of the Galatic Space Federation, but now you fire out to anyone in need.

You have chosen your ship the Xenon for this mission. It is a high powered ramming craft specially designed to knock out incoming missiles.

You have no easy task, as the Farnites are sending missiles one after the other.

If you continue to stop their missiles the Farnites will start to send them in at different angles.

Your Xenon craft uses thousands of litres of fuel which needs to be replaced regularly by calling on the refuelling vessel on the right of the screen.

To control your ship use Z to move left and X to move right.

HI% Hi-score
G% Horizontal position of ship
L% Number of lives
F% Fuel
SC% Score
C$ Fuelling vessel
B$ Explosion
A$ Ship
S,Y Coordinates of missile


game Plays the game
left Moves ship left
right Moves ship right
surface Draws city
init Defines graphics and variables
setup Draws screen
fall Moves missile down
fall2 Moves missile right and down
check Checks if ship hit missile
losefuel Decreases amount of fuel
instr Displays instruction page


By Philip Clarkson

ZAP! Just when you thought it was safe to have a quiet snooze out pops an alien fleet from hyperspace.

As the numbers increase the outlook is bleak.

The population is depending on you to defend the Earth from these marauding aliens. Are you up to the task?

Although you're outnumered you are equipped with a super zap gun. A quick blast on this is enough to dispose of an alien invader.

As if this weren't difficult enough, in the later stages of the game, you'll have to dodge asteroids.

Game Controls:
Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down, RETURN - Fire

AF%(n) True if alien has been shot
AM% Number of alien to move next
AX%(n) X position of alien
AY%(n) Y position of alien
BOMB% True if bomb has been fired
BX% X position of bomb
BY% Y position of bomb
COM% True if screen is complete
D% Direction of bomb
DEAD% True if you are dead
GAMEOVER True if the game is over
L% Level you are in
LEV% Level you are on (always less than 21)
LV% X position of meteor
MX% Y position of meteor
NO% Number of aliens at start of screen
SC% Your score
TYP% Type of alien
X% Your X position
Y% Your Y position


game Main loop
set_var Sets variables for game
move_you Moves you
check Checks if you have been hit
move_bomb Moves bomb
move_alien Moves alien
complete Routine for changing screen
dead Routine for losing life
in_top_five End of game routine
meteor Produces meteor

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st May 1986
Links: Everygamegoing,

Cover Art