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By Michael Kelsall

FISHING In FISHING you have just entered the United Kingdom Fishing Contest and are competing against six top anglers.

You first enter your name and then details of the tackle you will require. Then it's off to the riverside to fish.

The day before the contest, the organisers introduce approximately 600lb of fish, of varying weights into the river.

But an hour later they receive a phone call from a member of the Organisation Against Cruelty to Fish saying they have put several 40lb pike into the river.

Deciding against postponing the competition, the organisers agreed to warn the anglers before the competition started, so you have been supplied with the correct equipment to land these monsters. But beware, they are amazingly strong.

When reeling in any fish you have to tap the key as fast as possible so the heavier the fish the more tiring it will be to reel in.

If, while this is happening, the fish should take the line outside the screen area, you will be fishing in another angler's peg and, as competition is fierce, he will become very irate and cut your line, wasting valuable time.

The larger fish lie further out, so the extra time taken to reel in will benefit your overall weight of fish when the end of the contest arrives.

All anglers are given a time limit of five minutes to catch as many fish as possible. When the time is up the fish caught by each angler will be weighed and a table displayed showing the order of anglers, along with their final weight of fish caught.

Your result is repeatedly flashed on and off to highlight your position. If two anglers gain exactly the same weight, the one with the lowest number of fish comes first in the table.

Game Controls:
A - Short cast, Z - Long cast
SPACE - Strike, or recast line if no fish hooked, : - Reel in line when fish is hooked

name$(1-7) Stores angler's names
weight%(1-7) Stores angler's weights
fishcaught% Number of fish caught
fw% Weight of fish caught
fw% Weight of last fish caught
xpos% X coordinate of angler
ypos1% Y coordinate of float 1
ypos2% Y coordinate of float 2
cast% 0 if you haven't cast out
1 if short cast
2 if long cast
weather% Random number to pick type of weather
weather$ One of three weather conditions
depth% Random depth of river
penalty% Number of penalties against you for using wrong tackle
bait% Bait used
hooksize% Size of hook used
hookdepth% Depth of hook
ounces% Ounces of shot used
flow% Random number to pick speed of river
fish% 1 if fish is taking bait, 0 if not
float% Number of times float bobs up and down
strike% Length of time given for player to strike
X% X coordinate of end of line
Y% Y coordinate of end of line
winner$ Name of winner


graphics Creates user-defined characters
title_page Draws title page and inputs player's name
initialise Defines variables and weather conditions
input_data Inputs the tackle you require
penalty Calculates penalties for using wrong bait
river Draws river scenario
catch_fish Allows you to fish for exactly five minutes
times_up Tells you to stop fishing
weigh_in Prints the results and awards prizes to winner


TACTICAL PURSUIT TACTICAL PURSUIT is a game for two players, played using pawns on a chess board.

White goes first and the object is to get one of your pawns to the other side of the 8 x 8 board.

Enter the coordinates, vertical then horizontal, for the piece you wish to move, followed by those of the square you wish to move to.

To take one of your opponent's pieces you simply move forward or diagonally on to an occupied square. You may not take a pawn on your opponent's back row.

The number of men remaining for each player and the number of moves taken are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

I got the idea for TACTICAL PURSUIT when our class was told to make up a board game, so some of the credit must go to my English teacher Mr. Burnett.

GOES Number of moves
BLACK/WHITE Number of men for each colour
whitewin%+blackwin% Flags for winners
D$ Pawn graphic
A,B,A1,B1 Coordinates for movement


TITLE Displays title
INSTRUCT Displays instructions
CLS Draws and deletes lines for start of game
CLS2 Clears screen by drawing over it in GCOL0,0
GAME Calls up movement and checks for winners
PLAYER1/2 Gets coordinates for movement
CHECK() Checks if a man is at player's coordinates
CHECK1 Checks if move is legal
CHECK2 Checks if anyone has won
RESULT Displays winner

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st Jun 1986
Links: Everygamegoing,

Cover Art